10 Life-Changing Affirmations To Stop Critizing Yourself
Powerful Affirmations To Feel More Confident
10 Life-Changing Affirmations To Stop Critizing Yourself
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Negative thoughts are one of the biggest energy consumers. When you criticize yourself, think about yourself in a negative way, your energy field blows off in seconds like a ballon. 

How many times a day do you say or think something negative about yourself...? 

If you want to have more energy, changing these thoughts and assumptions is a significant step. Affirmations are great at helping us rewrite subconscious beliefs. 

Affirmations are more effective if you repeat them regularly, try to repeat those every day for a couple of weeks and see your life change. 

5 Things That Make You Criticize Yourself

10 Life-Changing Affirmations To Stop Critizing Yourself:

1) I love and approve of myself! 

2) The universe always cares for me and everything happens for my higher good! 

3) I am allowed to enjoy my life to its full, it gives me energy and new ideas!

4) I trust my vision, I listen to the whispers of my intuition and it always helps me to create success! 

5) I love myself enough to claim my power, set and respect my boundaries! 

6) No one is responsible for my confidence, but me. I forgive everyone who made me feel insecure. 

7) I am unique and special the way I am!

8) I am guided. The Universe always provides me with love and wisdom. 

9) I have the strength to realize what I want. I act with confidence, my life is abundant! 

10) Life loves me. I am worthy of love, care. I receive love every moment of my life! 

Download them in a pdf with beautiful pictures to maximize effect with visuals!

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Keep shining your light and remember everything You worry about can be easily solved, 

Till next time,

Love and light, 


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