3 Steps To Stay Connected To Positivity
How To Be More Positive and Calm in Everyday Life
3 Steps To Stay Connected To Positivity
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How is important positivity in our life? For me, it is necessary for my calmness and healthy mental state. What is positivity for You? 

Sometimes we struggle with releasing negative emotions. We come back to similar negative thoughts over and over again. 

Before I practiced any mindfulness techniques just one negative thought could completely destroy my day. It happened because, well... I wasn’t able to stop hitting on the gas as soon as I hit the highway of self-criticism, doubts or fears. And it didn’t take much to turn there from a peaceful road of calmness or “having a nice day”. Sometimes it seemed all I was doing was fighting my fears and negative thoughts.  

The most difficult thing was identifying these thoughts. They seemed so natural I haven’t even realized how I fall into tension and worrying sometimes. When things got worse and I was recovering from severe depression, I realized I need some clarity and my own system of keeping myself up. It took me years to understand what works. We share a lot if these discoveries here on Womangic. Today I want to cover three especially powerful action steps you can take to be more connected to positivity every day. The more you practice them, the easier it will become. They work magic. 

3 steps to stay connected to positivity: 

1. Take an easier approach to yourself

No one is perfect. Our flaws and overcoming them is what made us who we are. The uniqueness of your experience is beautiful, rewarding, extraordinary, worth of love and forgiveness.

 2. Be attentive to the “mirrors”

Your world is a reflection of your beliefs. As soon as you take responsibility to accept it, your life transforms.

Is there anything you don’t like in your life? This is exactly what your assumptions about the world are. if this is created by you, it simply means that you can change it anytime you decide to.

Everything that happens to you is a reflection of your assumptions, conscious or unconscious. Any event, good of bad, is just a mirror for you to see what is inside of you.

As strange as it might seem the first time you hear it: your emotions are your best guidance to a better life if you pay attention. What you feel on an everyday basis are your most powerful beliefs. Test yourself by paying attention to your thoughts and emotions instead of blaming the outer world. 

This perspective changed my life. In an incredibly good way. And I wish the same to you.

Every time something not nice happens to you, stop for a second and ask yourself: “What if for a moment I allow the idea that I created this myself ( I know it takes a lot of resistance but isn’t the life of your dreams worth it?), if so what should I believe in to create THIS ?” Write down the idea, analyze it. Give your mind an opposite positive idea. 

Imagine this negative assumption in the space of your mind and transform it into the light, into something positive that will help you to reach your dreams. 

Trying this exercise for even one day can shift your perspective and help you to see the world with new eyes. 

3. Work with your energy. 

Sometimes mindset isn't enough. Often we keep shifting our assumptions, but the particular emotion keeps coming back. Why so? 

Our negative emotions and experiences got stuck in our emotional bodies. We have 7 subtle bodies, 4 of them are most close to actual life in a material world. 

We can't see our subtle bodies in a regular state of the mind (but we can learn to do it in a meditative state when our brain is producing lower frequency brainwaves). The painful experiences and negative emotions look like dark stains on the oval of the light energy 10-15 cm around you. They lower our vibrations and attract negative people, evoke irritation inside, sadness, aggression and sometimes can be a reason of deep depression or a loss of taste of life.

There are several ways to clear your energy, one of the most common one right now: 

1. Meditation. It is easy to learn to meditate in a modern world, but if you choose guided meditation, choose someone who aligns with your values. Ask yourself what you feel about the person if her/his values align with yours. 

This is very important as when you work on your energy with someone you connect with the energy of this person and you need to make sure it is a good one. Don't look how popular or known this person is, LISTEN TO YOURSELF. 

If you feel my energy isn't for you, don't try my meditations. Sometimes the frequencies of a person can be too high for you at this period of time, so such high vibrations can provoke transformations in your life that you are NOT ready for. Or a person can seem nice, but his frequencies can be too low for you so as the result meditation can make you feel worse. So I hope I managed to make my point clear, stop for a moment and ask yourself if this particular meditation is good especially for you in this exact moment of time, will it help you to reach your goals in a pleasant way (not like I wanted to meet my love so I had to lose everything I had and go who knows where to meet him, no! It is possible to do it in a good way!) 

Here are some guided meditations for you: 

Release negativity, for sensitive people 

Love to your body, important step to self-acceptance  (very quick, everyday one) 

2. I want to share with you very effective exercise so you can clean your aura yourself at any moment you feel you need more clarity and peace. 

Sit still, breathe deeply 10-15 times. Close your eyes and connect with your Soul. Imagine how it circles you with protection and love. 

Use any image your subconsciousness choose. For me, it's a sphere of white-blue light that absorbs negativity around me, it could be anything you imagine: Angel, flashes of light, a hand etc.

Visualize how you rises to higher frequencies of the Universe, I see it as I go to a beautiful castle in a world that vibrated much more higher. Breathe deeply. Imagine how what you chose to be your cleaning object clears the energy around you. First close to your body, 1-2 cm, then going further and further, 5-7 cm, 10-15 and so on if you feel you need to go even further. Usually, our aura is around 15 cm about us. 

When you feel more clear, thank your Soul and ask it for protection from negativity. 

It is easy to practice, especially when you do it regularly. Sounds a little bit too airy, I know. But it works! Try it yourself to see, 

If you need a deeper dive try this powerful energy practice to release unwanted attachments.

With Love,