4 Parts of Woman's Soul that Make Any Relationship Great
How to be a woman who inspires greatness
4 Parts of Woman's Soul that Make Any Relationship Great
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Women are many-sided. Let's admit it and use it to our advantage. Our mood changes at least several times a day, we can experience completely different emotions to one person, from love to hate to indifference. In an hour. 


What does it give us? We can adjust to different situations, We can change the mood of the whole room, we can use our energy to create space and particular emotional states and feelings, not just for ourselves, but for people around us. 

How amazing is that? But how many of us remember how to use this nature given gift? How to create energy for oneself and inspire men to greatest achievements? Show me the woman who doesn't secretly want to see her name on a book, great piece of art of the invention that was dedicated and inspired by her and I'll pay you 100$. Written promise. 


The desire to be a woman of inspiration has nothing to do with woman's own achievements. I see how this assumption blocks women's nature and happiness all the time, and it f r e a k s m e o u t.


What is more and what you really need to take in,  because it will make your life much much better is: The more woman realizes her potential and her purpose, the more successful she becomes, the MORE inspiration she brings to her man and to the world. 


Hard to believe when we see angry, desperate, tired women on c-level positions most of the time. It is somewhere deep in our minds that you women can't be nice and successful, happy in a relationship and driven at work. The World did a great job proving us this, but luckily for us now it's time to move in a different direction. 


It's time to remember the power of our nature and unlock our true desires and understanding of who we are. 


So do you want to inspire, be a muse of greatest achievements and have more energy and passion for realizing your own unique purpose? If yes, follow along as I have a very important secret to tell You. 


Female nature has different parts, these 4 parts make a perfect combination of a Woman so Full when you see her, it makes you proud to be a female on the planet. 


I discover it in the moment of my life when I was ready to forever admit that strong man doesn't exist and I will need to choose between being alone, successful and fabulous or the same but + dealing with an adult child in my house. Wow, that sounds SAD. Then I found a book of amazing Russian author Larisa Renar and my life changed. Literally. I am so grateful and I was passing this book to every girl I could. I saw improvements in their lives too. Now I want to share some ideas with you. 

It will make you take responsibility for your life and realize some deep sides of female Soul. Generally, a woman has 2 states more developed than others, parts that are more natural for you. So if you resonate with something more it means it's more natural for you. 


4 sides of Women's Soul 


1. Queen 


Type of Energy: Air 


Color: Indigo, Light, and Dark Blue


Chakra: Crown, Throat 


This part of female Soul is responsible for our connection with the Universe, our higher purpose, connection with our Soul.


How to use in a relationship: You probably heard at least once: "Men love bitches" And sometimes it can really freak you out. Why does this woman who seems not to have a heart has so much attention from her partner? 


The thing is women who have a lot of attention mastered a state of a Queen. In it's extreme there are no feelings, but when we develop this state together with others we have all at once, respect, passion, sensitivity and unconditional love


Truth to be told, men are very simple this way. They won't look for hidden treasures inside the person as we often do. They simply respect women who respect themselves. They treat a woman the way she treats herself. As easy as that. 


If you feel like a queen inside, you will be treated this way. One more very important secret here is understanding of the way men renew energy. They feel drive and passion for life when they reach a goal. Yes, women are different this way. The satisfaction we experience when we achieve a goal isn't compared with what men feel. What does renew your energy the most? Walk in the park, spending time with kids, hot bath? This is what men feel when they realize what they had in mind. This is how their nature work. Nothing can drive a man more than a woman he wants to reach again and again


Queen state is fundamental in early stages of a relationship. As the drive to gain the attention of a particular woman is a goal for a man. And it fulfills him when he reaches the goal. As non-romantic as it sounds, please let's be realistic. That's why it is so important to understand who the person is before you let him into your heart. For him, it could be just a goal. And that's ok until you don't rush into a relationship and then find your heart broken. To do this is disrespect to yourself.  But many many women do. 


The queen state is a part of our energy that gives us the wisdom to have your boundaries, respect yourself, always put yourself first. Because you're a Queen. You deserve. 


Every woman has it inside.  It's our natural gift, our right by birth, by being female on the Planet. I am here to remind you about your right to be a Queen


Key Words:  Self-Respect, minding Your OWN business (Queens are busy no secret here) 


So when you're mastered respect for yourself and putting yourself first, what's next? 


Feeling, Feeling, Feeling, Of course. 



2. Inner Girl


Type of energy: Water 


Color: green, orange, rainbow 


Chakra: Heart, Sacral 


This state is responsible for Happiness, Unconditional Love, Compassion, Joy, Spontaneity and all similar wonderful things in life. 


This is a state where we raise our inner girl, where we respect her deeply and enjoy the life fully, Where we're open in our emotions and feeling and can enjoy life as much as a little girl, perceive every detail of it and feel the beauty fully. 


We let our feelings flow, we play, we connect with nature, we're full of Love and acceptance and gratitude. We forgive and love unconditionally. 


This state is very important for self-love and self-acceptance. 


What is more about this state is that only woman have it, men don't. As my husband told once: "If it wasn't for women, men would have burned the planet long time ago.." 


Men don't have this perception of life that we as women take for granted without realizing what a great talent it is. Being able to see and perceive the world in a deep way. And only a Woman can show this beauty to a man and share emotions, passion, the taste of life with him. Inner girl is connected with our heart chakra. Through our heart, we're able to look at the world differently: through the eyes of the Soul. We're able to see the world in a light of love and show it to a man. Of course, we can't be childlike all the time. We have an Inner Queen to protect our inner girl from danger and pain. 


It is a very vulnerable and sensitive state of our Soul, that's why it is important to open up this way in a relationship only when we're sure about the person when he proved his right to touch our heart through meaningful actions, responsibility, and care. 


How to use in a relationship:: This state in which we give lots of love, we accept, we forgive and fill with positivity and happiness. Doesn't it sound wonderful? As soon as we open up a man protects our inner girl, keeps her safe. But the thing is men should really care to try to understand woman's emotions. It is not natural for them and they need to break this pattern and work hard to try to figure out women's emotional world. As you already know, in everything men do they need some kind of a goal. This is not an exception. He needs to care and see the future with you as a goal he wants to reach. Really, really care about you to dive into woman's emotions that seem chaotic to him. And it takes time. Don't let yourself be tricked. Before you open your heart make sure he cares. 


But when you know he does the most interesting journey begins. Your inner girl is a great inspiration for a man. When he protects and becomes your girl's hero it opens up a lot of power inside of him. Men need it, to be a hero, to take care of someone vulnerable. Even if it's just a part of you and you're absolutely capable, successful woman, let him see this beautiful part of you when he deserves it. Your emotions are his taste of life, his drive, and passion. His main goal is to make your inner girl happy. Don't miss this opportunity to give your man this pleasure to be your girl's hero. 


Key Word:  Inspiration 



3. The Lady


Type of energy: Earth 


Color: Gold, Brown, Metalic 


Chakra: Third Eye, Throat 


As much as any man wants to be a hero, protect and keep you safe, he is a human too. He needs support, help and a real partner who can help and understand. This is where the Lady comes along. 


She is amazing. This part of our Soul wants to take everything under control, be in charge, and feed e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e. Don't mess with this woman


She is able to support and uplift her man when he is down. She helps him with his business and ideas. She guides using her gift of intuition. She keeps the space energetically clean and filled with light. She cares, nourishes and fills. Her opinion is respected and deeply valued. 


She is the Mother of The Earth 


How to use in a relationship: In its extreme women forget about themselves and give, give, give to everyone. It is very important to balance and prioritize. Remember about your power and use it when you need it in your business, for your success, in a hard critical situation. All the other time let the man does his job and be in charge. Don't be afraid. You don't need to prove your power by showing off your strength to every man you meet. You KNOW your strength, no need to advertise it. People can feel it. When you run around showing off your muscles you only show your insecurity as a woman. When I see women like this I can read on their faces "I don't believe I am worth care and love so I will throw my strength in everyone's face to prove to myself I don't need it" Yes we do. Yes, we can take care of ourselves, 100%. But we crave for love and care, it's our nature, we deserve it and there is nothing to be ashamed of.  When your man is down for some reason, support, help, care. In other times use your power for your OWN business, not for trying to solve everyone's, your family or your man's problems. They are doing fine without you. Hard to admit. But they do. 


Key Word: Mother, Power



4. The Lover


Type of energy: Fire


Color: Red, Dark-Red, Orange  


Chakra: SACRAL 


What an important part of our Soul. It is responsible for please and joy. Creativity and sexuality. It is all about the energy of attraction, joy, abundance in every single moment of life. 


How to use in a relationship: There are many ways women experience intimacy. In a warm conversation with a friend, sitting near the fire with the glass of wine, walking in the woods together. Talking about life. 


For men, it's a little bit different. It's hard for them to open up. The way they experience true intimacy is during the sex. But ONLY with the woman, they care about. In all other cases, it is just physical. That's why it is so IMPORTANT to have sex ONLY after you know he cares. If you're ok with sex being 100% physical then you don't need this advice. But most women don't. They get upset when they realize it is this way. And I have a question to you, why do you deserve him to care about sex if you're giving yourself away SO easily, without even making sure he respects you? You don't. Women, WAKE UP.  You get what you ask for. My point is the following.

Lover is a woman who loves and enjoys her sexuality, creativity, and passion. Who is sexual and attractive. But she respects herself.

She remembers she is a Queen also. 


Respect the men's need and longing for sex as this is their way to be intimate. If you're sure he cares, open up, work on your sexuality, it is a gift that gives us so much joy. Show him how much you want him and enjoy the process, this is the best gift you can give. Be open to your own sexuality, spontaneity, craziness. 


During real intimacy, on energy level a woman gives a man a drive to realize his purpose, a passion for moving on and reaching more and more goals, For Her. Just for her. 


This is the energy that gives men drive and passion for greatest achievements and realizing her dreams and his own. 


Key Words:  Passion, Intimacy, Drive 


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With Love, 


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