5 Energy Secrets Of Happy Relationship
5 Steps To Radically Improve Your Love Life
5 Energy Secrets Of Happy Relationship
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Sometimes relationships seem like a never-ending emotional roller coaster. Isn't it exhausting? What can we do to balance our relationships straight away and in a long run...? What are energy secrets that can help to build happy fulfilling relationships? 



Video Summary: 

1. Learn About Feminine Energy

Our feminine energy is the force that creates harmony in any relationships. It's a glue for a piece of art a couple becomes when the right people meet. 

2. Accept Your Partner as Your Spiritual Teacher

He or she is. That's why relationships can be so intense. Your partner reflects things that You don't accept in Yourself x100. (S)he is meant to make you grow and change your negative beliefs. Opposites attract because we show each other what we lack.  

3. Make Commitment To Expect a Positive Intention  

If you already made a commitment to be in this particular relationship and your partner proved his right to be trustworthy, don't jump to any conclusions and emotions in a confusing situation until you clarify it with him. Expect that whatever he did or said, even if you find it hurtful, he meant well and didn't want to hurt you.

4. Clear past resentment 

Many of our negative feelings and emotional blocks are stuck in our energy. So we energetically attract similar situations and similar people. It's important to clear past pain we experienced in relationships not to unconsciously look for it in a new partner. 

5. Receive and you will give 

Many of us struggle with receiving. But it is very important, especially in a relationship. When we receive gracefully we empower our partner and make him feel more. 

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