5 secrets of the woman you always wanted to be
Who is this woman? Incredible, smart and beautiful...
5 secrets of the woman you always wanted to be
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Who is this woman? Incredible, smart and beautiful we see in the movies, we read or dream to be? Does she even exists or is she unreachable?


I have a very important news for you. Are you ready?


YOU ARE THIS WOMAN! With all (as you call them) imperfections and flaws. They are just small roughs on your way to greatness.


No one is perfect, but there is a power inside of you, you probably don’t know exists. The power of creation, love, manifestation and inner strength. These are all “women’s thing”. Don’t forget.


Women have many amazing gifts and talents. Our physiology, hormone system give us advantages in realizing our best dreams. For example, historically women have developed right hemisphere. As the right brain is responsible for connection with the subconsciousness, we have a great talent to analyze many facts at once, making “right” decisions or “predicting” future. Deep connection with our subconscious mind, that has many hidden gifts, is what we call intuition.


Generation by generation women developed their brain this way, so we are able to have a very sensitive and creative perception. Now it’s time to reveal these gifts modern women forgot about. One of them is confidence.


How many truly confident women do you know? It seems like confidence is a prerogative of a man. They always seem more sure of themselves, while women spend hours in doubts. Can I pass this test, can I get this job, what is going to happen in 5 years?! I love how Brene Brown talks about the culture of scarcity we live in right now. She was worried about her kid college future, so what her daughter was in the kindergarten that time?! This is where most of the women will say to wonderful Brene: “Well...I KNOW how it feels....”


Surely men do it too. But women… we are true masters of worries. Why? Why in the situations where most men will say “not a big deal…” women will spend an enormous amount of time and energy  “dealing” with something that could not even exist?


We try to avoid this, protect ourselves from vulnerability and sensibility, block our feelings, kill our sensitivity just not to be “always worrying about smth” kind of women. I have to ask you: have it ever worked for anyone?! Not really. A sure way to have a broken, closed heart, cold, meaningless world around you. When we close from ourselves, we close from the whole world. As the world begins with YOU.


So is there another way, more productive and effective approach to let go of doubts and find more or less stable ground of peace inside?


When we learn about and accept our natural gifts, we realize the power of inner strength women naturally have. But we need reminders, we have to put a little effort to realize the power of femininity.


One of the gifts we all have is confidence. Deep, broad spirit of courage, enthusiasm, love and strength.


"When you see me it's going make you proud and what you see is a WOMAN so full, I am overflowing to share with everybody else. I am going to own the fullness without ego, without arrogance, but with an amazing sense of gratitude that I've born at a time where I am fe- male on the Planet and I have a great pleasure and freedom to fill myself up.” (Oprah)


Now I suggest you start a journey of unleashing Your gifts! Self-development works on multiple levels, including mind, energy system, body, and Soul.


On pages of womangic I will guide you through many effective, proven tools to work on all levels.


First, let’s start with our mind. Information is the perfect instrument to reprogram it, recharge it to a higher level of understanding, get rid of limiting, destructive beliefs that make us worry and suffer. Trust me on this, quality positive information can be a real game changer!


Are you ready? Let’s do it!


5 secrets of a woman you always wanted to be:


1. They manifest and realize their dreams, using their sensitivity as a gift


Yes! It is possible! Learn more how to use your sensitivity as a REAL gift

Meditation "Gift of Sensitivity" 



"All outstanding people know the great law of manifestation. It’s not about what you do or how you do it (while actions are very important), it’s about what you FEEL and what you BELIEVE. You can achieve, blocking your feeling and activating willpower, but it never will be what you really want. The power to feel world on a deeper level opens up a lot of opportunities and possibilities… " 


2. They master love and have strong loving relationships


The relationship is an important part of our life, it's a great source of inspiration and support. 

Mastering relationship we transform other areas of our life bringing it to a new higher level. 


"Waiting doesn’t work! Free will is the Law of the Universe and it includes complete responsibility for what we have or don't have.  That's why we have to admit: The qualities man around you have are linearly proportional to female energy YOU have" 


3. They realize their uniqueness and know their worth


3 powerful reasons to be proud to call your name - Woman. 

Prefer short powerful outlines in infographics for effective inspiration? Here we go.


"Why was I born a WOMAN? What is the difference between two genders? What UNIQUE characteristics does it give me? What POWER and excellence does only femininity have?" 



4. They are just magnificent, they create opportunities for themselves


The declaration of women Value. Why learning to receive is your breakthrough. 


"Receiving greatly is significant not just in relationship with man, but with the World. Any woman has her own love story with the Universe. It tells about miracles, presents, opportunities and magical concatenation of circumstances Universe provides to you... 

Someone not just waits for you somewhere but he would be rewarded to meet you. You are going to be his greatest gift, giving him so much inspiration and value that he will be ready to do anything for you"

5. They keep working on and developing themselves, looking for the answers and find them.

And she rises. What to do when you don’t know how you ended up there. 

"When you lost everything you’ve ever known. I bet you were there. I was there too. Oh my God, what have I done with my life?!Every woman or young woman was on the stage of her life when she with all the despair has asked herself this question. Just in case here we are talking about most beautiful, sensitive, creative and powerful creatures on Earth. Women. So when we are hard on ourselves, we mean it. HARD." 



With Love, 



Learn more how to use your sensitivity as a REAL gift

3 powerful reasons to be proud to call your name - Woman. 

How to realize that You are Special? (powerful outlines in infographics)

And she rises. What to do when you don’t know how you ended up there.