5 Ways To Release Negativity
How To Stay More Connected To Positivity
5 Ways To Release Negativity
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Have you noticed that it is so easy to fall into negativity sometimes? It seems like the day is going fine and then just one through puts you down. Why is it happening?! We ask. It was such a great day... Damn it! 

But the game is ON. Now you're jumping from one through to the other rolling on a rollercoaster "what is wrong with my life!". At some point, you feel dizzy, you really, really want to stop... But. Does it feel that your worries are stronger than You sometimes? I totally get it. The fact that you can control your anxieties make sense. but NOT when you actually worry! 

What is the solution then...? And is there one? 

Today I want to share with you 5 practical easy steps how you can release negativity on daily basis



Video Summary: 

1. Catch tension before falling

We tend not to pay attention to tension until it becomes stronger. Be more attentive to moments when you feel anxious, this habit will make release negativity faster.

2. Don't blame yourself for negative emotions 

We have so many assumptions about "being emotional", we tend to block emotions even before we recognize them. It is ok to feel any emotions. It is a natural thing that can be always used to our advantage. 

3. Identify Growth as Your Great Value 

Growth is moving from negativity to positivity. If You set growth as your value and intention, you'll always unconsciously bring yourself back to positive outlook.

4. Practice Heart Breathing 

Many of our negative feelings and emotional blocks are stuck in the heart center. Breathing through your heart chakra helps to clear it and keep the flow of energy. 

5. Ask for support

We're connected with both the Earth and the Universe. Ask Universe for support and imagine how energy comes to you both from above and the Earth. Connect two energies to your heart center and it fills you with strength and support.  

Love and Light,