Your Guide To Personal Boundaries
7 Symptoms You Lack Boundaries

Do you ever find yourself driving somewhere you DON'T want to go with an angry feeling in your stomach? But the only person you're angry with is you, as you don't really have to go there... but when they asked you couldn't say no. Again. 

What if I miss out? 

What if they really need help?

What if they feel bad in case I say no...? 

It all comes to personal boundaries.

I struggled with boundaries for a long time... But here is the thing. I don't want to close up from the world. I want to be compassionate and open...! And I know you do too, 

Such a light as you always elevate always brings love to the room.

Such a light as you.... is needed more than anything. 

But you can't shine when you're exhausted, empty, lost. 

And if you feel any of those, let me tell you - You haven't lost your light, you never do, you just need more boundaries in your life. 


A lot of wonderful people in my audience constantly ask me: how do they start healing when life feels so overwhelming??

Start with boundaries. Even if you do just that, you already will feel a difference in your energy level and the way you feel. 

7 symptoms you lack boundaries:


1. Lack of Energy. Exhaustion 

You help others all the time and feel responsible for doing it even when you’re tired or need time for yourself. 

Here's why

Healing affirmation:

Generate energy. My energy level is my priority. I am allowed to take care of myself before I take care of others.

2. Burn out. Emptiness 

You always try to make others happy. You can never say no if the person is sad.

Healing affirmation:

I share my deepest feelings only with people who proved they are trustworthy!

3. Irritation. Neglect 

Sometimes you feel angry and upset because others don’t appreciate, don’t see or even neglect what you’re doing for them.

Healing affirmation:

Manage what is around you. I can feel situations and people that are bad for me. I trust myself; I have enough inner strength to leave spaces that don’t serve me.

4. Resentment. Disappointment 

You feel like people don't value you. You believe people love you because of what you do for them not because of who you are.

Healing affirmation:

Let go of blame. I love and approve of myself. I forgive myself and others for violating my boundaries! 

5. Avoidance. Sacrifice 

It’s hard for you to express what you don’t like, talk out what you can’t tolerate or demand respect to your space form others.

Healing affirmation:

Know your limit. I respect myself and have clarity on what I can and can't tolerate. I attract people who respect and appreciate me and my boundaries! 

6. Lack of trust. Justifying 

Even when you know the particular person is bad for you, you tend to pretend nothing happened when they hurt you and keep communicating.

Healing affirmation:

Set Intention. I have clear intentions of what I want and communicate clearly and confidently

7. Lack of focus. Unfiltered giving 

You give others more than you give yourself. Others' needs seem more important to you than your own, you forget about yourself often. 

Healing affirmation:

Express gratitude.  I am grateful for the lessons I learned when my boundaries were violated. Now I love and respect myself more and protect my space! 


All seven symptoms are NOT who you're. It is what you have been taught. These are patterns shared by most strong, wholehearted, ambitious women. 

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