Hey, Beautiful!

My guess is you were highly sensitive kid turned a badass (introvert 007 undercover)
B-word is your second name, but sensitivity is still an issue.

I am cheering for you! And excited to help you remember your genuine importance on the planet.

If you find...

Your mind is always ON, it buzzes with its usual self-critical commentary & ‘who do you think you’re’ beats. Where the hell does it come from?! (After all… you’re smart, good looking, charming).

Your 4 am play-by-play: ‘I thought adult life would be much more soul-fulfilling…’ Instead it’s exhausting and honestly... dull.

In spite of all your hard work you still feel small apologetic or guilty. You cherish your “powerful queen” moments, but don’t know how to sustain it.

Your BS meter is turned all the way UP. No time for nonsense. You need clarity.

You are spiritual sh. You don't want to give up your life for "spiritual awakening" in … Tibet. You worked too hard for this!

You are exactly in the right place.
Let’s get to know each other.

Art of the mind is for very sensitive and brave, deeply caring and a little intense, strong(!), often jammed, believers, but sometimes cynical humans. Who look for answers and tools for a more meaningful, high vibe, glowing life.

And I’m here to help you heal blocks that have been holding you back.

I’m Kate Kozen. A psychologist and a masterful high-end coach.

My integrated & unique methods helped thousands of women (both online & one-on-one) to create mind-blowing change and heal the deepest traumas.

I have a talent (and own it) for breaking down complicated concepts in a way that saves you years of soul searching. So you can easily apply them to your daily life. Achieve results. And raise the bar rapidly and consistently.

Also I worked my ass off. Everything you find on Art Of The Mind, both free and paid, isn’t just a first-rate study of the mind with a dash of magic.

It’s a unique knowledge that comes only from using unbelievably hard life experiences to learn, create meaning success & abundance.

A few facts about me

  • I live in London, UK 🥳
  • I’m obsessed with research, neuroscience and all amazing developments in the field.
  • I’m sceptical on a borderline of mean. Also I’m deeply spiritual. I find spirituality very practical, and use it as such.
  • I was born in soviet Belarus (my childhood was…rough)
  • I didn’t have many opportunities growing up, or any help. The only asset was me.
  • So everything I share comes from results in my life (and later my clients)
  • I used to work in fashion with high-end brands and later in marketing with well-known personal development ‘gurus’.
  • I encountered a few amazing miracles in my life that helped me along. Now I know I ‘manifested’ them.
  • Bright colours & colourful nails? YES please!
  • I hug trees!
  • In my early twenties I worked for a charity full time and volunteered on weekends (people found it weird, is that why I didn’t have many friends back then? 🤔)

A few facts:






*shy emoji* jar-dropping reviews & stories of positive change

I am not saying this to impress you. (The main thing - I impress myself. Period)

I am sharing this so you can get to know and trust me. I’ve got you. If we’re a right fit I know I can help you heal and change your life for the better.

I’ve done it tons of times and I’m so grateful for every single one of my clients to follow me, co-create breathtaking results and help me believe in myself in the process.

So I can be here right now showing up for you.

I’ve got you.

You are in the right place. Here your heart is sacred and safe, your sensitivity is celebrated, and your strength is magnified. I’m honoured you’re here. Together we'll knock drama's socks off.

Let’s get started.

Criticise yourself too often? Know how to play to your strengths and recognise your talents once and for all.

Find out now!
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I salute you, beautiful!
Thank you for being here,

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Pamela Horner

Founder of The Awakened Aphrodite. Sex&Money Coach (a.k.a. Goddess)

Working with Kate has completely changed my perspective on everything in life - especially my relationship with myself as a woman and my relationships with men. I had reached a place where I accepted that I wouldn’t be able to date a successful, loving, passionate man, and I basically threw in the towel. Kate helped me understand my unconscious ideas of masculine energy. And how I was acting them out within myself was preventing me from meeting really amazing men. I have attracted and am dating someone now (with Kate’s help) that is truly the best person I have been with thus far. All whilst helping transition from my corporate job into coaching full time!

And I can’t thank her enough. Kate is a powerhouse of intuition and energetic transformation, and I can guarantee that working with her will change your life and help you become the woman you are meant to be.

Julia Antonuk

Founder and CEO of a stellar construction company "Agrostroi"

I am a practical person; results are super important to me. Working with Kate isn’t just about effective tools, but real-life results! My life changed dramatically for the better. Kate taught me a new way of life. A huge benefit is a personal approach, Kate managed to understand me deeply, so I opened up and learned a lot about my possibilities. In her coaching, Kate used neurobiology, psychology as well as mindfulness, spiritual tools. Which for me indicates her mastery as a professional and helps see a bigger picture. Kate is generous and experienced. What’s important, she always encouraged me to be my own ‘coach.’ When you work with Kate, there won’t be any mambo jumbo! Just practical results and real-life change.

Tanya Kazubovich

An entrepreneur. Professor of radio technology.

When I met Kate, I was continually seeking to understand who I was. She helped me overcome my fears, negative thoughts, and patterns that led me to feeling under-appreciated, exhausted, angry at myself. Most importantly, with Kate's support, I've realized my toxic life scenario and moved on. Seriously, I look at my life as 'before Kate' and 'after Kate.' And after is so much better!