How To Play To Your Strength
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In this groundbreaking training you'll learn: 

Why you feel 'never enough' 
constantly question your worth 
Feel guilty 
Deeply exhausted 
Emotionally numb 

How you've been taught to see your strength as weaknesses.

Why you're so blind to your strength and the practical steps you can take to change that. 

A simple exercise to use your strengths more effectively so you can create more meaning, passion, joy and abundance. You can start using it today and every day! 

During the course people felt

Like a Queen


What is inside
4 powerful videos

Simple tools

Resources 🥳

After the training, you will...

get the appreciation you deserve

get crystal clear on what you're great at

and how to apply it in your everyday life

understand how to win over overwhelm and exhaustion

emotional numbness? Forgotten. Know how to bring some meaning an joy instead 💃


As women, we were programmed to see our strengths as weaknesses. It’s ingrained in us, wired in our nervous system. How we react, how safe we feel and how much of ourselves we get to know and show at work or in a relationship. What roles we play and how worthy we feel.

We learned to neglect the soulful sensitive creative parts of us and be blind to our strengths. 

No wonder we feel so so tired.

It’s time to change that. 

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Part 2

Part 3

Part 4