How To Improve Your Relationships With 3 Powerful Meditations
3 Meditations For Happy Relationships
How To Improve Your Relationships With 3 Powerful Meditations
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Relationships can be one hell of a rollercoaster ride. From highs to lows, sometimes it is really, really hard. Just yesterday I had a fight with my partner. I felt so upset and so vulnerable I had to call my friend... and my mom  (just clap with me here for all amazing incredible women of this world who support each other). My friend answered immediately and asked: 'What happened?" I was like... Whyyyy? "You never just call, - she said, - You always text, ask when I have time first. So what is going on?" (Lord, I am so grateful, I thought). Well... The rest is the history. In 30 minute I could breathe, think and stopped shaking. Progress.

I will be honest with you. I write a lot about energy in relationships and have phenomenal results with my clients on it. But I still freak out sometimes. The relationship still drives me nuts. They are not perfect and then perfect again. I feel like everything goes better than ever and then it's not. It changes and evolves with every single up and low and the best advice I can give myself sometimes is just remember... remember the moments of glory. And forgive. Forgive like I mean it. Forgive me, hear and see me. Forgive men, forgive women. Forgive someone who hurt you. Forgive when it hurts the most. 

Every time something really challenging is happening you're and every one of us is facing two choices. A choice between staying where you're or growing. A choice between maturity and casualty. 

To grow old is not to grow up; to become old is not to become mature. Maturity has nothing to do with old age, nothing to do with age at all. Maturity has something to do with becoming more and more conscious, becoming more and more silent and aware, becoming more and more watchful of what you are doing and why, where you are going and why. (Osho) 

Stop playing games. Look truth in the eyes. What do you see? Do you see resentment or joy? Do you see forgiveness or hate? You don't have to forgive or let go for anyone else but you. You need to this for You. Then you will figure out what to do. But first... heal your own heart. 

Often we feel like our partner doesn't hear, see or acknowledge us. This is very painful. But until we understand a reason inside of us, it is hard to observe the situation.

When you figure out what the situation teaches you personally, you can detach from emotions and better understand yourself, your partner without blaming anyone or feeling guilty. 

What really helps to detach from emotions, calm down and see a bigger picture is meditation. It works both on spiritual and intellectual l levels. It can be difficult to relax when you're emotional, this is when Guided Meditations are very helpful. Listening to compassionate, loving voice is always calming. 

What we struggle with in relationships:

1. overwhelming emotions, feeling sensitive, vulnerable

2. negative expectations, resentments pain, trust issues we project from the past experiences. 

That's why I prepared this particular collection of guided meditations for you. The first one helps to clear negative emotions, manage and embrace sensitivity, forgive. The second one guides to restoring energy that is stuck in the past. It is a powerful practice that helps you heal the past and let go resentment. The third meditation works best for any attachments you might have to your past or particular people from the past. If you can't get over something or someone, this practice showed amazing results in helping with this. 

3 meditations for a happy relationship:

1. The Gifts Of Sensitivity

  • Helps You to Connect with your feeling and better understand them.
  • Helps You to clear resentment and pain
  • Helps you to deal with emotional situations in your relationships
  • Clears Your Aura 
  • Clears and opens your heart center 

2. Taking Energy From The Past 

  • Helps you to understand where resentment comes from  
  • Explain why your past take away a lot of your energy 
  • Reconnects and heal painful moments in the past 
  • Restores Your Energy 
  • Heals past resentments

3. Let Me Go. How to release crazy attachments 

  • Helps you to understand why you lack energy 
  • Explains how attachment affects your energy
  • Cut the cords with people from the past or negative people in your life 
  • Helps to clear karmic situations 
  • Helps to let go people or situations from the past  

One more reason to meditate: 

Meditation helps in many things, it does a big difference in particular developing intuition and global view.

1. Researchers show a greater degree of activation in the right hemisphere during meditation and as result right brain's performance increases enormously. Which leads to more creative intuitive thoughts, wider perception and insights. As intuition is developed right brain.

2. It connects you with your own power, helps you to find your center. Like a body is adjusted to the signs a brain gives to cells, we should find a place where our mind can perceive our own higher truth.

Meditation also helps to reduce emotional reactions and focus more on the inner state, it helps us not to react emotionally, but to look for the right answer inside.

3. One more beneficial effect of meditation is changing it makes to the brain waves. During meditation, we shift from typically dominated Beta waves (12-30 Hz) to Alpha waves (8 to 12 Hz)

Neuroscientists recently made a correlation between an increase of alpha brain waves—either through electrical stimulation or mindfulness and meditation—and the ability to reduce depressive symptoms and increase creative thinking.

When alpha oscillations are prominent, your sensory inputs tend to be minimized and your mind is generally clear of unwanted thoughts. 

Hope this was helpful! 

Love and Light,