How to Live a Balanced Life
And Learn to Recieve Energy From the Universe
How to Live a Balanced Life

If you experience any imbalance in your life or feel exhausted, you probably lost your ability to receive energy you deserve. Your chakras can be blocked at the level of accepting energy. Let's see the reasons for it and what you can do today to receive more. 

Women are wired to give. Most of us carry a lot, help different people, we're never tired to assist a friend. We got exhausted especially when people start to take our help for granted.

Often we lose our balance in giving and receiving. The balance is critical.

The same as giving, receiving is one of the gifts of female power. To live a balanced, happier and less anxious life we need to restore the balance between giving and receiving. 

Why receiving is so essential? The ability to receive is one of the most important characteristics and powers of female energy.

Your balance is broken if:

  • you feel extremely tired very often

  • you want, but can’t get a promotion at work or any other breakthrough for a while

  • your friend and colleges ask for your advice and help often

  • you can’t say no when someone is sad even if you are very busy

  • you feel lost and unwanted from time to time

  • you feel extreme pain when some of your friends show even a little indifference to you

Often it means you give like crazy. Give until you're exhausted by giving so much that when an opportunity comes, we don’t have the energy to take it. Women are masters of it. Often we shut down doors to possibilities.

If you were reading Womangic for a while, you probably know that I LOVE to talk about Universe laws, the way our energy works through the lens of relationships. Why? The idea is very simple. A microcosm is the same as macrocosm. Every small detail of our life reflects different parts of a bigger Universe. The same as our body as a system has the same principles of operating in micro as the Universe in macro. The movement of participles around atom looks the same as the structure of the Solar System! It is much easier to understand some energy laws when we talk about our everyday life when we reflect on deep emotional concerns. I believe the main reason why we need to know more about the Universe is to make our life happier, to improve things we want to improve. Our everyday life, relationships, careers are the keys to spirituality. They are our doors to the Universe. 

That's why I suggest exploring how we can receive from the Universe by understanding why and how we receive greatly and balance giving and receiving with our men. 


Let me give you a real example. 

Laura is a really good woman. Her mom taught her to take care of others and babysit her boyfriend or husband. Laura is living with her boyfriend, John for a year. Sometimes in a very intimate talk with her girlfriends, she complains that John is like a child! He doesn’t know how to cook breakfast or clean, he comes home, leaves his stuff on the floor and starts playing video games. Last Sunday he boiled over because he didn’t have any clean t-shirts and she forgot to wash them. She hadn’t forgotten, she hadn’t had time because of her very significant project at work. She cries for a while, talking about it. She doesn’t know what to do. But when she comes back home the first thing she does is picking up John’s stuff, cook his favorite meal and clean dishes he left upstairs. She never asks for help or says anything. While John is very comfortable this way and loves his women, in the guy talk with his friends he sometimes wonders why Laura doesn’t let him do anything. She doesn’t ask, which in man world means she doesn’t need. It feels like he has a mom in the house all over again. Which is comfortable for him, but from another perspective - boring. He doesn’t feel she needs him, why is he even there…? He feels no drive to do anything for her. So he doesn’t.

Sad true story. Now let’s see how to make it a happy one. Laura, read this!

Receiving is as important as giving. Especially in a relationship,  especially if you want to make your man happy.

When we receive with love and gratitude, we give men the power to feel themselves needed. Why is it so important to them?

The female nature is the energy of creation; we bring existence and life, we are deeply connected to nature, we create and nourish. While the nature of a man is giving and producing.

The energy of creation is more global. It includes atmosphere, ideas, philosophies, love, care, deep connection, happiness. Producing is more concrete. Producing is a continuation of creation, more particular expression of it. Like art that was inspired by the woman, or inventions that were produced in the supportive space of woman’s ideas and worldview. One can't exist without another.

Man realizes his true potential when a woman realized hers.

Producing and giving for men starts from the impulse of a woman. Only when a man feels needed and when a woman is able to share her energy of creation, he reveals his potential.

The same as a woman provides her creation so man can produce, the man offers his productions so a woman can create. Two different energies dance and make something entirely new.

When we learn to receive with gratitude and love we give a man the impulse. His natural gifts activate.

Receiving greatly is significant not just in a relationship with a man, but with the World. Any woman has her own love story with the Universe. It tells about miracles, presents, opportunities and magical concatenation of circumstances Universe provides to you.

How we can receive from a man usually reflects how we receive opportunities from the World.

How you can trust, receive and communicate with a man shows how you can receive miracles and surprises from the world, trust and have its support or enjoy and accept the abundance.

The principle is simple.

How to receive greatly?

The Universe gives you only what you already have inside of you. If you believe that you can do it, that you deserve the result, you will have it. To receive greatly you need to know your worth. The World doesn't do anything for you. The Universe only replies to your requests.

As soon as you start to question yourself, if you deserve it or if you are good enough to have or do smth, the world take it away from you. The Universe supports you, but it definitely won't prove to you that you need it.

Only you decide, what is going to happen and what will be blocked by fear or unconfidence.

The Universe doesn't check if you deserve smth, it responds to your beliefs and your opinion about yourself

To receive greatly and inspire, we need to find our Value as a Woman.

How to find your value as a woman? The declaration.

Try this meditation in Words to feel your self-worth, repeat it several times, feel the vibe of your unique VALUE, BEAUTY, WORTH. 

We are too lost in the ideas of feminism and equality, don't we? I am a feminist, but I prefer to see a bigger picture. And I truly believe in equality. But I also believe that equality means that everyone should realize his (her) own potential not copying someone. We live in a time where equality mostly means "be like a man." That's why it doesn't work. It's just the other form of slavery, which takes away people's potential. Both men and women. Men go down without the female power, the woman just killing themselves with hustle, trying to be like someone else.

I am for equality that says I am a WOMAN. That's why I am equal, that's why I am powerful. I am equal not because I am like a man or I can do it as well as a man. I am equal because I can do it differently because I can do it better, I can do it like a woman. I believe that the only thing that will bring a real, sincere equality to the world is women who are opening their true potential, the greatness and the power of female energy. A self-realized woman is a person such compassionate that she hugs the whole world with her heart. What will bring equality to the world is understanding of each other’s needs, differences, powers. We are bright incredibly beautiful parts of a great Spirit, We are beautiful Souls in the world of the divine.

Dear Woman, someone not just waits for you somewhere but he would be rewarded to meet you. You are going to be his greatest gift, giving him so much inspiration and value that he will be ready to do anything for you.

Women weren't born sexy; women were not born beautiful, women weren't born extremely successful in all areas of life. We are making ourselves through the power of the open heart, through the courage to listen to our intuition, to the voice of our Soul and follow the gift of our female nature. You are sensitive, and this is amazing. You are strong and this is powerful. You are compassionate, and this is impressive. You are creative. Even if you don’t know it yet. You are, as this is a force all women have. You are sexy, beautiful. Magnificent. You are…. a Woman. And this enough to believe in yourself. This is enough to be happy, joyful and successful.

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With Love,


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