How To Restore Your Energy In 3 Simple Steps
Reconnect with your natural source of energy in 3 effective steps
How To Restore Your Energy In 3 Simple Steps
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Energy. It is a scary topic like sex or money that we stumble upon and prefer not or talk about. 

But if you're about to have an honest conversation, what would it be? 

How do you feel during your usual days? How often do you feel irritated? How often something disappoints you? How frequently are you excited? Happy, calm, joyful? 

And probably one of the most important questions: Do you even pay attention to how you feel or how you want to feel during the day...? 

It is impossible to change anything without acknowledging it first. 

The thing is, you're meant to live fulfilling, happy life. It is NORMAL. Not the other way around. Often we're so busy with our lives; we start to perceive being tired, casually annoyed or feeling empty as normal. "It's life...  - we say, - you can't always be happy...". Maybe we can't, but have we tried...? Do we at least aspire to rise above daily disappointments and confusion? 

Most of us are born with a high potential of energy and happiness. I believe every woman who ever has looked after a child puzzled her mind on where from that kid took so much energy! Why do we as adults lose the drive to life when we grow up? 

I believe we lose connection with the natural source of energy we all have, with excitement about life, with our passions, emotions, invisible part of us that makes us happy to be alive. 

It is needed to stop and reconnect with our spirit, with our heart. As the spiritual aspects such as deep connection with our nature, self-love not just protects, but give us energy. I see it as one of the biggest reasons why so many women feel lost, empty, disconnected nowadays. We don't acknowledge the needs and gifts of a woman's nature. We don't balance our energy, we absorb negativity and hold it inside as we don't know how to deal with it.

How can we restore the connection with our energy? How do we start working with it? What is energy in a very practical form anyways? 

Today I want to share with 3 simple practical steps to restoring and reconnection with your natural source of energy. 

1. Unlock your feminine energy

This is incredibly important in the question of our energy. I find it one of the greatest source of energy and fulfillment that can help to decide many worries and uncertainties. It's far from being the answer to everything. But it is something fundamental and very influential in understanding yourself. We're not talking about femininity you see on the screen of your phone or in Instagram, "show your body" or " have a perfect life/ look, etc". 

The real feminine energy is the power that comes from the inside, has the strength that hard to explain in words, but I'll try.  Close your eyes for a moment and try to imagine the second the Universe appears. The amazing flash of light, Big Bang or the desire of consciousness to manifest itself. The second the world is born... Atoms and molecules, stars and planets. Galaxies. 

Can you imagine, but science proved already that you consist of same particles that the whole Galaxie, the beauty of Stars, and Planets. You are. You are...the star, the Earth, the Universe. 

Back to the moment when Universe was born. In this is exact moment the female energy manifested itself. This is the power that brought such a strong impulse to something (we don't know what) so the Galaxies appeared. Female energy is an impulse, passion, thrive to life in its fullness and the life itselfThis is a strong power inside of you that comes together with acknowledging it. 

Look in your eyes in the mirror; this is where your power is. Inside. Remember, you are exactly as beautiful as the stars above your head. 

What is femininity for you? What brings you closer to feeling feminine? 

Simple step how you can start unlocking your feminine energy: 

1) Take care of yourself, your body and Soul.

2) Meditate

3) Touch your body warmly and gently, imagine how you feel your cells with love

When we pay attention to our body consciously we feel much more energized and fulfilled. 

25 Ways To Practice Self-Love Every Day 

4) Give yourself a massage (you can also do it yourself, massage your legs and arms with cream in the morning) 

5) Have an honest talk with your girlfriend. (Sharing our emotions raise our feminine energy and help us to feel better)

Grab a lunch or coffee together more often.

6) Respect your emotions and feelings. YOU ARE ALLOWED to feel what you feel. Your emotions are your power when you let them be (not let them have power over you) 

2. Restore your natural spontaneity

One of the very important traits of female energy is spontaneity. Wonderful and beautiful quality that make our life so much better (if we don't use in a negative messy way :) 

Do something that your Soul desires today. It could be something really small, you don't need to give up everything and go on a round-world trip for a year to make yourself happy. Start from small things

Go for a walk to the park you wanted to visit for a while. Go and try on or buy that dress you really liked. It is about fitting something pleasant and unusual in your routine. Something that will help you to enjoy yourself more and touch the variety of the world today. Even just a little bit. Any spontaneous move makes you close to the powerful source of energy you have inside.

3. Work with your chakras, find a balance between giving and receiving

Often women have their balance broken as we are wired to give, it is natural for us! 

Learn how to balance giving and receiving. Where in your life do you give more than receive? 

Love and Light,