I've tried to forget all the voices telling me how broken, not worthy I was, for a while, it worked. Until it didn’t...
I ignored myself for too long. Here’s what happened

Although I was hard core in personal development. I had amazing success rates as a spiritual coach,


my own past was set in stone and hidden far far awayToo painful, too scary, too overwhelming.


I chose and created a new me. Left the past behind. I thought I could build a new sense of worthiness and forget all the voices telling me how broken, how unworthy I felt.


And for a while it worked…


Until it didn’t. The new powerful me had too much to hide, suppress, carry.


She started to collapse.


Here’s how it showed up:

  • Unexplained  intense physical pain
  • Constant overpowering exhaustion
  • Apathy & numbness
  • Extreme irritation
  • Boundless sadness

Let me be honest. If I could avoid facing my past and unworthiness I would.


After a year of terrible pain and countless medical checks all of which concluded I was perfectly healthy, I finally listened to my therapist who said: “let’s explore some of your distant past…”


The healing began. It was loooong and painful. Effective. It ignited a fire in me. A desire to help my clients heal their worth more efficiently and with less distress.


Turns out what I needed was to embrace all of me.

Every corner and every shadow.


Turns out in each of those places lied my power.


Even if it seemed like the darkest place I’ve ever been to.


Yesterday, after years of doing this work, I spoke with my mom and felt… empowered.


I’ve lived far away for years and barely have any relationship with my parents. Yet. Conversations with them left me empty, anxious and small. Topics of those didn’t change. No, they didn’t change either.

But I saw and felt the pain of my past differently. It didn’t disappear. It transformed.

it blossomed from ashes of burned tragedy into an evergreen blooming widespread tree. With roots running deep strong and wide.


All the voices from the past screaming ‘I wasn’t’ good enough’, ‘I didn’t deserve’ didn’t magically disappear. Maybe they never will. Now I see them for what they were, I see them as a suffering of a little girl, I embrace her, I soothe her, I love her. And she's blossomed. She’s still scared sometimes… I’m there then. She looks at me and smiles. We’re safe. We deserve.


I was coming back to my fabulous 2 story apartment in the heart of Mayfair (London) after walking my gorgeous puppy while finishing a chat with my mom. I looked around, colons of magnificent buildings lit the evening, sky was clear.


All is well. Where we have been, where we’ve come from, and where we are now. 


All due to healing.

Healing my worthiness didn’t just give me ‘peace of mind’. It gave me the strength to act and speak up. It gave me true abundance, health, love.

I was born in Soviet Belarus and had a miserable deprived childhood. Everything we have we created ourselves. I had no one.

My past was a legacy of trauma, limitation and unworthiness.

But in it was a gift of true strength.


That is what I want for you. Healing, transformation, truth.


I want you to experience the sense of worthiness, the power of your endless inner strength that’s hidden in your past, no matter how painful.


I know how MUCH you’ve been through. Me too.


It makes me so passionate about helping you.


I value what an honour it is to be trusted by such a gorgeous Soul as you. I’ve got you.


If you resonate, if you’re ready to heal your worth


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