5 archetypes that make you feel 'never enough'
How worthy are you allowed to feel?

Have you ever felt...


I did. 

I smashed wooden floors with my fluffy, pink, glittery Uggs (an image of a real badass, I know). While complaining, ok, b*tching, about my partner to my friend. She listened.

Then she said: "I’ve read this book… On how we carry unworthiness, self-doubt and fear from all the collective history...Generational trauma or smth.”

After a moment of debate (whether to ever speak to her again)...  She had a point. All the pain I absorbed lived in me.


I've been helping amazing sensitive badass humans for years, and always had a feeling: we're united by common patterns, suffering that's beyond our understanding.


With experience and time, it got clearer. I've heard my granma's hurt in moments when I was struck by anxiety, unable to speak up, drown in resentment. I've seen my own, my girlfriend's, my mom's, and my aunties' scenarios in my clients' stories. It made sense.

As if we all learned from the same  ‘Behaviours and Believes To Feel Unworhty’. Like...

  • who am I to...do or have this or that 
  • If not me, then who? a.k.a burn out & exhaustion
  • what's the point of it all? a.k.a feeling cut off, numb or dull
  • constant critical voices in your mind
  • what's wrong with me? why am I so....broken? 
  • overworking to prove you're good enough 
  • 'I don't deserve...' in spite of everything you've achieved 

How does it kick your beautiful butt? 🍑 It shows up:

as arguments in your relationships
as fears and constant anxiety 
as doubts about your place in the world
as loneliness and resentment
as feeling overwhelmed and overworked but never enough anyway 

Stories you tell yourself about how worthy you're allowed to feel define your life. 

The good news: stories circle around a few common themes. Archetypes that's been passed over for generations. I see them over and over again with my clients and students. I catch them in my own life. It took me a decade of experience to extract those from all the healing journeys I was honoured to participate in. 

Recognizing them can truly change your life. And that's why you're here. And I salute you for making this step for you. 

Ready? 5 archetypes that make you feel unworthy:

1. A Savior 

You're always there for everyone. “If not me then who…?” is what you deal with. The world seems to fall on your shoulders. But when it comes to your own needs and desires… you're on your own. 

2. A Caretaker 

Caring is your jam. Helping others fulfils you. Burnout is the price you pay.  

3. A nice person

You're a good person. Always nice to everyone. You do the work and give credit to others. Nurture and give good advice.


But no matter how hard you try, it seems your efforts hit the stone wall. You feel used up, never appreciated. 

4. An Emotional buffer 

You're a shoulder to lean on. Someone to talk to. Overwhelmed by your sensitivity, you spend a lot of time inside your head. 


It seems you feel everything. It's exhausting! Empathy is your jam, but people seem to take advantage of it. It's easier not to feel. 

5. A romantic

You fall in love easily. Your life, although active and accomplished, often feels incomplete without a relationship.


You devote yourself fully. You're the one always prioritizing relationships, friendships, or family. It's tiring, and often you end up feeling empty. 

If it rings the bell, I want you to know: You aren't alone. And these aren't fixed settings. 
I and all resources on Art Of The Mind help you with exactly that. Embracing your strengths, sensitivity, glory. It's for sensitive and brave, extremely strong, and a little intense. Ambitious badasses and truly caring humans. Someone like you. Someone who by healing yourself, heals the world. 


I'm launching a new program on healing your worth. Uncompromising worthiness healing space. That's a next-level offer. It took me years to create this. My whole life really. All of it and more will be packed inside this incredible community space.


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