Practical Guide To Self-worth. 3 Things To Do Everyday To Feel Worthy
Don't feel worthy? Here is what helps to increase confidence
Practical Guide To Self-worth. 3 Things To Do Everyday To Feel Worthy
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How many times a day do you stop yourself from doing something as you feel like you're not good enough for that? How often do you prefer to keep your opinion to yourself as you don't feel it deserves attention? 

Worthiness is like diving. You can't jump into the depth of the ocean. The same way you can't leap to the depth of your being at once. It takes time, tenderness, patience, a lot of trust and even more courage. 

Worthiness requires change. How much easier is it to stay in old patterns...? To blame others instead of taking responsibility? 

Responsibility requires love, support, and wisdom. It asks us to know faraway places of our being, we don't always want to see. Responsibility is freedom. It means no one can really hurt you, only teach you. They can crack you, you let the light in then. They can shake you, you strengthen your core then. 

But only when you embrace your worthiness, only when you nourish your being, only when you recreate yourself from the place of "I am enough", you can take responsibility. 

In any other case, people just can't handle it. 

If someone doesn't believe he is good enough or worthy, he will never be able to be honest and take responsibility. It's just way too painful, it kicks hard sometimes.

Many of us prefer to live in the illusion of knowing the answers, instead of searching for answers. We choose the answer that soothes the pain of not being enough, not what makes us grow. 

If I think the relationship, work, parents, someone else is the reason for my pain, I don't need to face my own shadows, I don't need to see my own demons, fears, crumbling pain of not believing I can have things I want to have

It is easier to make yourself believe you don't want what your heart longs for rather than face you don't think you're good enough for it. 

It is easier to choose a comfortable way instead of fulfilling way full of love, compassion, growth, change, exploring, belief. Because all of the things we want deep inside require worthiness

A way to worthiness is a process of incredible courage, patience... compassion, tenderness, strength. It is a dive deep and the possibility you won't have enough air on the way, you will want to go back to the safe surface. The pressure is high, but the reward is higher. When you get there, your life change. You finally understand, you see how deep the ocean is... how rich the life is. You know your strength the way you never imagined before. You finally see how deep, how magnificent, how abundant your world is. 

We can never see it from the surface. The ocean seems so similar, plain, simple. Is it how you see yourself? 

But if you go deeper, if you go deeper... you discover what a unique magnificent world is behind the surface. But you need to dive. Dive. 

3 everyday actions you need to feel worthy:

1. Every day notice and write down 1-3 things that are unique about you

We act accordingly to our beliefs and often our subconscious mind is much smarter than we imagine. It brings us to the situation we try to avoid, it makes us face our fears. Our brain is a phenomenal creation that can be easily programmed. While we accept different beliefs and worldviews automatically as kids, now we have a chance to choose them. 

As Oprah says you get not what you ask for, but what you believe. Beliefs and assumptions are powerful.

Instead of asking why is it happening to me, ask what belief can I change to solve it or let it go. 

If you set the intention to notice and write down things that are special, unique about you, you will start to notice them. You form a strong base of support as when you will criticize yourself, your brain will remember what you trained it for: to see more of your beauty and glory. 

How to change relationship with Yourself

2. Expect the best 

Expect the best. When you're in a great mood, your energy is high you anticipate the best and funny enough everything goes smoothly. 

The world replies to our expectation, but often we are not aware of the fears we hold. If you ever said to yourself: "I knew it would happen!", you felt it because deep inside you expected it. 

"How can I expect something bad happening to me..?" - You might ask. But if you are really honest with yourself... do you believe you deserve it, do you have a lot of positive examples of what you long for in front of you? Do you question, doubt? Do you strengthen your belief as much as possible..?

Expect the best. The universe always takes care of you. But the level of opportunities we can notice in life depend on our level of self-worth. 

4 Steps To Approve Of Yourself

3. Focus on yourself. Cut the cords. Detach 

Where does low self-esteem come from? It comes from all the attachment, beliefs, ideas about ourselves and the world we adopt that don't serve us.

When we struggle with self-worth, we believe in someone else's truth and feel like we don't match with it.

Whether these are ideas of our parents, partners or teachers. We try to fit in and lose connection with ourselves. 

Where does the journey of healing start? How can we heal all the pain that made us believe we are not worthy?

It always starts with loving and forgiving yourself first. It’s not easy. 

How can you forgive yourself? The first step is  - focus on yourself. Give yourself what you need

Most of the time we feel resentment we can't let go and forgive as we rejected a part of us, we denied our truth. 

You knew it was wrong but haven't listened to yourself. It's painful. As soon as you shift it, you focus on yourself, your heart and what's important for you, it becomes much easier to forgive. 

Cutting the energetic cords can be really helpful in focusing on yourself. 

To cut the cords: Imagine how your Guides, Higher Self surround you with light, how powerful force of light cuts all attachments, negative thinking around you. Breathe in the light. Feel your heart expanding. Repeat cutting energetic cords with light as much as needed until you feel freer and lighter.

To focus your energy on yourself try this guided meditation: Gift of Sensitivity

How do you practice self-worth? Do you have any special tricks that make you feel worthy? 

Let me know what you think,