We use neuroscience. 5 proven steps to building your worth
You're meant to feel unquestionably worthy... Here’s how

“There’s a sadness in me I can’t explain or comprehend…

I’m looking for relief in unhealthy things: Illusionary connections with dominant partners. As if losing my will can ease my pain.

That’s what my parents taught me:

the only way to safety, one and only way, is losing myself, kneeling my spirit, prioritising others.

So I close my eyes and imagine…

what would my life be like if it was mine?

  • If I didn’t obsess over unimportant people and things?
  • If I had a courage to speak up every time not just every other time?
  • If I didn’t feel shame when someone calls me sensitive but listened to my intuition and instincts that’s been almost always right?
  • If I felt grounded when alone, comfortable in my body, confident in my truth?

My worth is running toward old ways of validation like wildfire.

Like romantic interests, looks, how long or short my damn hair is.

Does it mean I’ll never be in a relationship or can’t look good? No, not at all. I’ll do it in a new way, a healthy way. My way. Not out of expectations, but out of self-love.


Building the new way … can be excruciating. But the support helps so much. New tools you’re teaching me work. I’m healing…” (from a client’s diary; thank you, angel, for sharing with us). 


Your worthiness isn't set in stone. It is learned.

Your whole life you've been receiving thousands of messages and clues of how worthy you're allowed to feel. 

There’re hundreds of neural connections in your brain that communicate and reinforce what’s familiar.  Legacy of unworthiness runs through your brain as thousands of impulses, connected in stunningly beautiful networks.

Before you get overwhelmed. Stay with me here. 

I want you to remember, you made it this far. You healed so much already, after everything you’ve been through, you’re here.

You’re here because you’re ready for more. More joy, freedom love and abundance.

But smth invisible you can’t quite comprehend blocks you.

Our sense of unworthiness isn’t straightforward.

It consists of stories we tell ourselves.

As the very root of negative stories you tell yourself are emotions that affected you deeply.

Emotions you could NOT process. 

So your brain took it as a baseline and processed them by creating stories of what happened to you being your "fault". 


The stories you’re telling yourself create your life, and define how you feel about yourself. 

Question is... 

How do you create a new empowering story?

Is it even possible? Absolutely.

We use neuroscience. Stories are wired in your brain as neural connections. Here're 5 researched proven steps to re-wiring stories that define your life. 

Here’s how we create a new story:

1. Constant meticulous repetition of a new belief

To focus as intensely as required by your stubborn brain you MUST know EXACTLY what you’re building. Or re-wiring.


“Happier life” won’t fly. It means nothing to your mind. As well as random goals that are driven by expectations instead of your own unique experiences.

A new narrative must be you through and through. Your true heart desire aligned with your values.


How to: What is your current story? And what is a new story you want to build? Think it through. Write down a few ideas. 


Constant mindful repetition comes from the work you do in the community that shares the same values and goals.

If you work with me we develop a power-action plan with the smallest gentlest steps you take every day. With lots of love and support. We dive deep and reconnect with what you truly want and what matters the most to you. 


Action step: Reading powerful content like this counts. You're reinforcing a new level of worthiness you want to reach by educating yourself. Well done

Even better: find true personal growth buddies. Or join a training you love. - link 

2. Supported by strong powerful emotions

We dive deep. As you discover what’s truly important to you, inspiration comes naturally. We restore your passionate joyful creative nature.

Plus, if you choose to work with someone like me, I have an endless supply of incredible stories of my clients.


How to: Allow your emotions to be.


Action step: Start small by asking yourself every morning: how do I feel truly? Where do those emotions live in my body? That builds awareness. 

3. Deep focus

You need not just think about your new belief, but experience it with your whole body and mind.


How to: A skill of deep hypnotic meditation will get you there.


I’m a deep hypnotic meditation whisperer. Yes. Seriously.  Ask my clients, they all rave about it.

I can teach you deep meditation, deep focus and a meditative state of mind that’ll give you 10x  of your usual results.

We constantly practice together.


Action step: There’re tons of resources online to start on your own. Try alpha waves music, or my free guided meditations.

4. Emotional connection with a  coach, mentor or role model (if you choose to have one)

Here’s the thing: you can choose to be YOUR own mentor. That’s actually one of my most important goals for You.


How toFor that, you need to achieve a level of self-knowledge and trust so you can hear your intuition, your boundless inner knowledge.


Action step: Start an intuition journal. Start with 5 minutes a day, listen to inner whispers and write it down, whatever it is, it's just for you. The more you listen, the more your inner wisdom comes forward. 

5. Direct immediate detailed feedback

When you receive direct feedback on small details you can correct immediately your brain adjusts. The smaller the step, the better.


How to: Find support.  In a group setting you receive amazing kind feedback all the time.


My clients say I ‘carry a hammer’. There’s no BS with me and my people, we’re honest and uncompromising.

Your growth is my number one goal.


Action step: Think of a new sense of worthiness you want to build. Write down 5 tiny steps you can take every day. 

Here're some ideas: 

1) I take a deep breath every time I have a morning coffee and say to myself "I choose me" (takes one minute or less) 

2) I write down "I am loved" list before bed, just a few things that made me feel loved by the universe today. 

3) I play my favourite song after work and practice mindful relaxation for 5 minutes. 


The truth about healing:

when you've been through as much as you have, traumatic memories and confusing feelings can come up when you implement empowering habits.

Trauma will fight for its space in your mind and body. That's why support is so important. 

I don't doubt you can heal on your own. And. I want you to feel deeply supported on the way, deeply loved and seen. Because you deserve it. 


it will be my honour to help you heal your worth. 


I'm launching a new program on healing your worth. Uncompromising worthiness healing space. That's a next-level offer. It took me years to create this. My whole life really. All of it and more will be packed inside this incredible community space.


Space for you to heal, grow, connect on a deeper level.
Find your inner magic, achieve more.
No guilt, no self-doubt.

It will be opening soon, as of right now - by invitation only. Send my team an email at [email protected] with the word HEAL and we'll send you the full details. Or DM us on Instagram. 


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